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Proposed Medical Cuts: Former Legislative Liaison CAPT Brian Smith, USN (Ret) passed this along today:


Marylander and retired Navy Rear Admiral Tom Jurkowsky graciously allowed me to use one of his superb articles as a “guest blog spot” on my Free State Veterans platform.


Hope you’ll give it a read! Even if defeated this year, it is, unfortunately, a bad idea likely to raise its head in years to come!



(2 Jul 2020)



Reading Lists: Did you know MOAA maintains suggested Reading Lists? You can find the list that is in the latest issue of Military Officer at https://www.qgdigitalpublishing.com/publication/?m=53666&i=662771&view=articleBrowser&article_id=3692636 (after you log in to the MOAA site. There are also other reading lists (search for Reading List) – a couple include https://www.moaa.org/content/publications-and-media/news-articles/2018-news-articles/54-books-to-add-to-your-summer-reading-list/ and https://www.moaa.org/content/publications-and-media/member-books/military-professional-reading-list/. (Thanks to Ft Meade Chapter member Col John Church, USAF (Ret) for the suggestion to include this information here). (29 Jun 2020)



Corporate Gray Virtual Job Fair: From Susan Mahon Savino at Recruiting firm Corporate Gray

Please help us to spread the word about a Virtual Job Fair that is specifically for Military Officers on Friday, July 24, 2020, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. (Eastern Time).


This online event is sponsored by the West Point Society of DC and is free and open to ALL current, former, and retired military officers. (This is NOT limited to USMA graduates, so please spread the word to ALL members of the officer community.)


This is a great opportunity for candidates to meet with many employers in just a few hours! We expect at least two dozen companies and government agencies to participate – all of whom will be looking to recruit Military Officers! An up-to-date list of participants will be available as we get closer to the event, and more information is available at www.MilitaryOfficerJobFair.com (pre-registration is required). 

Thanks for spreading the word to all officers.


Susan Mahon Savino

Office 703-690-6826(23 Jun 2020)


Upper Potomac Chapter Action: See the Chapter Activities section below to read about their fundraising in support of those affected by COVID-19. (28 May 2020)


VA COVID-19 Response: René A. Campos, CDR, U.S. Navy (Ret.) is the Senior Director, Government Relations for Veterans-Wounded Warrior Care at MOAA.

She recently provided us with a copy of a Department of Veterans’ Affairs COVID-19 Pandemic Response Report. (27 May 2020)


Transition News: See below for an update from our new Transition Liaison Officer, Mrs Annie Brock. (21 May 2020)


Final 2020 Legislative Update: Check out the latest Free State Veterans blog for the final report from the 2020 Maryland Legislature’s abbreviated session. (8 May 2020)


Maryland General Assembly 2020 Session:

The 2020 Session ended early due to the COVID-19 situation. We will leave CAPT Smith’s Legislative Trackers up through the summer. (27 Mar 2020)

CAPT Brian Smith, USN (Ret), Vice President of the Maryland Military Coalition, will be providing periodic updates of legislative activity. As with last year’s updates, the tracker goes well beyond just identifying the bills. It also will give a brief synopsis of what the bill does, whether MMC supports the bill, and preview of what VSO’s intend to appear to testify at hearings…plus lots of other great stuff. It’s worth LOTS of money, but you get it for FREE!

In the meantime, please a look at Maryland Matters take on 10 issues that will likely drive this session.

Be sure to check out the GREAT piece about the military retirement income tax subtraction on the Free State Veterans blog.

Here is a link to the Towson University study explaining how Maryland will benefit from not taxing military retirement:

commerce.maryland.gov/Documents/Research Document/employment-in-maryland-defense-study-HB-1542-2019.pdf

Read the Legislative Trackers here:

 8 Jan Legislative Tracker

20 Jan Legislative Tracker

22 Jan Legislative Tracker

25 Jan Legislative Tracker

29 Jan Legislative Tracker

3 Feb Legislative Tracker

5 Feb Legislative Tracker

10 Feb Legislative Tracker

17 Feb Legislative Tracker

24 Feb Legislative Tracker

2 Mar Legislative Tracker

9 Mar Legislative Tracker

 (25 Jan 2020)





Welcome to the Web Pages of the Maryland Council of Chapters, an affiliate of the Military Officers Association of America. The Maryland Council was awarded a Five Star Level of Excellence for 2018 (as of August 2019).


The Maryland Council is composed of ten chapters, spread geographically across the state. Here is a list of the Chapters, with links to their individual Web Pages. All Chapters have an informational page here or a separate chapter-hosted page (Stars indicate the Level of Excellence rating earned by the Chapter for 2018 – as announced in August 2019.):


·         Annapolis

·         * * * * * Ft George G Meade

·         * * * * * Star Spangled Banner (Winner of 5 Star Col Marvin J Harris Communications Award for 2018, as of May 2019)

·         * * * * * General Smallwood

·         * * * * * Montgomery County (Winner of 5 Star Col Marvin J Harris Communications Award for 2018, as of May 2019)

·         Prince Georges County

·         Southern Maryland

·         SusquehannaChapter Site at MOAA

·         Upper Eastern Shore

·         * * * * * Upper PotomacChapter Site at MOAA




Council Officers


Here are the Council officers for 2019 – 2020 (as of 14 Mar 2020, updated May 2020):








1st Vice Pres






2nd Vice Pres



Lt Col



























Immediate Past Pres






Legislative Liaison - Interim






Transition Liaison




Spouse Liaison - Interim



Md Veterans Commissioner






MOAA Director – Maryland Military Coalition












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Southern MD





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Upper Eastern Shore






Upper Potomac







The Southern Maryland Chapter is currently functioning as an affiliate of the Gen Smallwood Chapter.


Here are the Maryland Council Bylaws, updated on 12 Jan 2019. (13 Mar 2019)


Here are the Maryland Council of Chapters Goals for CY2019-2020, approved by the Council on 12 Jan 2019. (19 Jan 2019)



Annual Congressional Luncheon


Watch this space for details of the 2020 Congressional Luncheon as they are announced. (21 Oct 2019)


Who Can Join:


MOAA membership is open to all current, former, and retired officers of any of the seven Uniformed Services. Visit the Why Join MOAA page at the MOAA Web Site for details on the three classes of membership, and to join.


There is a new “Why MOAA” video produced by the MOAA National Office. Please use the following link to access the video:





For those concerned about embedded links and cyber security, please do the following:


1)      Go to the YouTube website by typing:   www.youtube.com in your web browser

2)      Type MOAA in the search bar

3)      Click on the link to the MOAA channel

4)      Once the MOAA channel comes up, you will immediately see the “Why MOAA” video. 

5)      If you want to cut and paste the video web address for others, click on the “Videos” link, then select the “Why MOAA” Video

6)      Once the video begins playing, highlight and then copy the web address at the top of the screen.  It should exactly match the hyperlink listed in this email.



If you are a MOAA member who is not a member of a Maryland Chapter, please click here to find the chapter in your area.


Council Calendar


The Council officers and Chapter Presidents meet quarterly, on call of the President. Meetings are currently held at O’Loughlin’s Restaurant, 1258 Bay Dale Drive, Arnold MD 21012, starting at 1130. Here are the recent and upcoming dates, with links to the minutes of each, as they are available (older minutes are available here)


Mar 10, 2018 - Minutes

Jun 9, 2018 - Minutes

Sep 8, 2018 - Minutes

Nov 1, 2018 (At National Meeting) - Minutes

Jan 12, 2019 - Minutes

Mar 30, 2019 - Minutes

Jun 22, 2019 - Minutes

Aug 24, 2019 - Minutes

Nov 2, 2019 - Minutes

Jan 11, 2020 - meeting cancelled due to MOAA-sponsored Caribbean cruise

Mar 14, 2020 - Minutes

Jun 13, 2020



Editorial Policy


MOAA, the Maryland Council of Chapters and the individual chapters in Maryland are non-partisan. Information on this web site reflects the position of the Maryland Council of Chapters only.


Spouse and Surviving Spouses Newsletter


Below are recent newsletters from the former Spouse and Surviving Spouse Liaison Officer, Mrs. Naomi Kaplan. (22 Aug 2018)


-          Jan/Feb 2019

-          Mar/Apr 2019

-          Jul/Aug 2019

-          Sep/Oct 2019

-          Nov/Dec 2019


Note – The Nov/Dec 2019 Surviving Spouses Newsletter is the final one from Mrs. Naomi Kaplan, who has served in this post for the past four years. We thank her for her service and are asking for volunteers to (try to) fill her shoes. (29 Dec 2019)


Maryland National Guard Unit of the Year


Stay tuned for the announcement of the National Guard Unit of the Year for 2020. (24 Feb 2020)



Highlights of recent and upcoming Chapter activities



From LtCol Hugh McIlroy, USMC (Ret), President of the Upper Potomac Chapter in their May 2020 newsletter: “I am immensely impressed with the empathy, commitment and generosity of our membership. On 14 April, a few members of the chapter recognized that in many cases the stimulus money we received could be put to much better use to support the less fortunate and those in serious distress in our community because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Your Board of Directors unanimously approved an initiative to solicit our membership to donate some, or all, of the stimulus money they received to the Chapter so we could help veterans or others who are less fortunate and devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Just seventeen days later, on 1 May, your chapter had collected $8,100 and donated $2,700 to the Maryland Food Bank, $2,700 to Feeding PA and $2,700 to The Mountaineer Food Bank: food banks in the three states we represent. Just two weeks later we had collected an additional $1,673 that we donated to the MOAA Foundation for their COVID-19 Relief Fund. Our donations average almost $103 per member, which is an extraordinary performance.


I am very proud of the members of the Upper Potomac Chapter and your efforts to help those less fortunate and suffering because of the COVID-19 pandemic. You should be justly proud of what we have accomplished. The empathy, commitment and generosity of our members bring great credit on our chapter and are in keeping with the highest standards of all seven uniformed services. Well done!!(28 May 2020)



Legislative Priorities




The Maryland Military Coalition has released its Legislative Goals for the 2020 Maryland General Assembly. (14 Dec 2019)


We now have a list of the members of the Maryland House of Delegates Veterans’ Caucus, and the Maryland Senate Veterans’ Caucus.

Note – this list is NOT UP TO DATE for 2019. (3 Mar 2019)


Make MOAA's One Powerful Voice® heard in Maryland. It will take each MOAA member living in Maryland to make this happen. Act now to do your part!


Here is a list of Points of Contact for the Maryland Congressional delegation (both Senators and all eight Representatives) (updated 16 Apr 2019)





·         From time to time, we will suggest messages we would like Maryland members to send to Annapolis on upcoming bills of interest to all of us. There are two web-based methods you can use to contact your State Legislators:

·         The Maryland Legislature maintains a Web Site that you can use to contact your Senator or Delegate. To use it, visit http://mgaleg.maryland.gov/webmga/frmmain.aspx?pid=legisrpage&tab=subject6, and select the legislator’s name. If the legislator accepts e-mail (I hope most of them do today), you will see a link to Contact Online. Click on that link. Enter your identifying information, and type or paste the text into the Message box.

·         Another method is to visit http://mdelect.net/. This site, run by the Maryland State Archives, allows you to enter your address (Zip+4 will do, unless district lines go through your Zip+4 area – then enter your full address), and it will tell you who your Federal and State legislators are. There are links to their web sites. Some have e-mail tools built in; others will link into Outlook, as above. (21 Jan 2013)

·         NEW – here is a link to a roster provided by the Legislature with office locations and phone numbers for all of the State Senators and Delegates. Some have moved since last year. (26 Jan 2018)


You can find information on MOAA’s national legislative priorities at the MOAA Take Action web page.



Maryland Veterans Commission


There are no recent reports from the Maryland Veterans Commission. One will be posted here when available.



Job Search


From our new Transition Liaison Officer, Mrs Annie Brock:


“I hope you are staying safe and doing well.


As you know, I have stepped into Jim Dittbrenner's large shoes and will be moving the Maryland Council forward in the Transition Assistance arena. You can expect to hear from me on at least a monthly basis, possibly every two weeks ... depending upon the amount of information I find to share with you and our members.


In order to better serve you and those who might benefit from the information who are not eligible to join MOAA, I am going to ask you to join a mailing list using this link: https://bit.ly/MdMOAATransitionList  It will keep you from receiving duplicate emails and information, while saving me from sending the same email to two lists of subscribers ... a win for all of us.”


Mrs Brock will be publishing periodic lists of Upcoming Events, which we will be posting here. (21 May 2020)


Contact Mrs Brock at  mdmoaatransition@gmail.com for any transition-related questions. (11 Jun 2020)


Looking for a new job, or know someone who is? Visit the MOAA Transition and Career Center for Career Information.



Veterans’ Benefits



A number of organizations have asked us to provide links to their resources for Veterans. Please visit out Outside Resources page to view that list. The appearance of links on that page does not imply any endorsement by the Military Officers’ Association of America (MOAA), the Maryland Council of Chapters, or any MOAA Chapter. Feel free to use them at your own risk.








Please send any comments and suggestions to the Webmaster using the email address shown in the listing of Council Officers above.


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